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20 common WordPress mistakes, myths and misgivings

WordPresshas made huge strides in the last year or two to become a full fledged CMS. With these changes comes the need to shed old myths about WordPress. As we move to become a ubiquitous CMS available to the masses, misconceptions and preconceived notions of bugs and flaws from the past can cloud our judgement […]

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Guideline to HTML Email best practices

For over 6 years, I have been involved from design and layout to directing other web designers on creating best practices html email. Email marketing is still the most effective method of communication whether you are attracting new customers, nurturing leads, developing loyalty or transactional messaging. HTML Email design and layout is really a simple […]

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Function to list all templates used in a page.

Place in functions.php
function thelist() {
$included_files = get_included_files();
$stylesheet_dir = str_replace( '', '/', get_stylesheet_directory() );
$template_dir = str_replace( '', '/', get_template_directory() );
echo '<h3 class=&quot;debugtitle&quot;>Theme file templates used in this page</h3>';
foreach ( $included_files as $key => $path […]

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The right way to debug PHP in WordPress

Something’s broken, you think it’s PHP but you aren’t sure and you don’t want to pop up a bunch of awful errors on your site by setting:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

in your wp_config.php

The solution is to add three more lines so that the whole thing writes to an error log inside of wp-content:

// Enable WP_DEBUG mode
define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

// Enable […]

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Perfect viewing of WooCommerce in your Artisteer Theme

Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique website templates and blog themes. However, normally activating Woocommerce Plugin on wordpress, your work and beautiful theme, goes to hell. Here is a simple solution to fix this.

This is the ultimate solution for Woocommerce preventing an override of your […]

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The 15 Steps To ‘Power SEO’ (PR Is The New SEO)

I particularly enjoyed Jayson DeMers’ article on the 3 pillars of SEO in 2013 – and I especially add my vote of emphasis to his pillar #3 – Making Friends, Engaging and Sharing Content.

In fact, I would go so far as to maintain that public relations, in the form of quality content, is the New SEO. […]

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Create Widgetized Sidebars for Each Category in WordPress

One of the greatest features in WordPress is the ability to create multiple widgetized areas. There are tons of widgets available in the WP plugin directory so having the ability to customize different areas of your site is a must. Registering sidebars in your theme’s functions.php file is pretty straightforward, but wouldn’t it be a […]

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On-Site SEO Code

05 / Code

01 / Design & Content02 / CTAs03 / On-site SEO04 / Markup05 / Code

Clean, well optimised code is not just important for your users but it’s also a ranking factor in Google. Fast load times improve user experience and therefore Google care about it. If your site is quick, light and responsive, you […]

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On-Site SEO Markup

04 / Markup

01 / Design & Content02 / CTAs03 / On-site SEO04 / Markup

05 / Code

Marking up your data gives the search engines additional information to help them understand the meaning of your content. Using markup can enable you to achieve rich snippets in the SERPs, which in turn often lead to increased CTR. Once […]

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On-site SEO

03 / On-site SEO

01 / Design & Content02 / CTAs03 / On-site SEO

04 / Markup05 / Code

If you hope to attract traffic from the search engines, optimising the on-site elements is crucial. Where design and content are about communicating meanings to users, SEO is about communicating with robots. On-site SEO is about organising your content […]

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